Our mission is to remove Heartworm disease as a barrier to adoption for dogs from Montgomery County animal shelters by working with adopters and other nonprofit rescues to supply treatment.

Be a Heart Hero

Thousands of homeless dogs enter our local shelter every year, and up to 40% of them are Heartworm Positive. A Heartworm Positive dog is 75% less likely to be adopted than a Heartworm Negative dog. Heart Heroes provide hope for the Heartworm Positive dogs who are looked over by adopters and rescues everyday, at no fault of their own. 

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Our Program

The Heartworm Foundation offers slow kill for all dogs in Montgomery County. Shelter dogs are treated for free and community dogs are treated at a low cost. Shelter dogs receive a free exam, a Heartworm test and 6 months of Heartworm preventative. If your dog is Heartworm positive we also include doxycycline and we ask adopters to purchase an additional year of Heartworm preventative at cost.