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The Heartworm Foundation's mission is to provide sponsorship for long term dogs in the public shelters in Montgomery County. Our hope is that removing the cost of heartworm treatment as a barrier, local rescues and adopters will be more readily able step up to help these at-risk animals.  



Only current residents of one of the public shelters in Montgomery County are eligible for sponsorship. As dogs previously pulled by rescues are already safe, we are not currently sponsoring treatment of dogs in foster, or other dogs not currently in one of our shelters. We wish we could treat all heartworm positive dogs, but our policies focus limited resources on maximizing life-saving impact.   

Dogs with a shelter stay of 45 days or longer are eligible for fully sponsored treatment once adopted or pulled by a rescue group. Dogs with a shorter shelter stay are approved on a case-by-case basis as funding allows, we are currently offering various "co-pay" programs to assist with these dogs. Adopters of all heartworm positive dogs are encouraged to fill out the treatment request application.  Treatment for pets is offered at our discretion, we reserve the right to decline to treat any animal

Eligible Rescues


Rescues will be approved by the Heartworm Foundation board. Some of the criteria considered include reputation, stability, foster base, and location. Rescues pulling a sponsored dog must be willing to take on the responsibility of seeing the dog through treatment and to its forever home. At this time MCAS fosters are not eligible to pull a sponsored dog and have it treated by The Heartworm Foundation, as legally the dog still belongs to the shelter, and is still at risk should the foster no longer be able to foster the dog.



If you have any questions, or are a rescue interested in becoming approved for our program, please email info@theheartwormfoundation.org

Help Our Cause

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